Tokyo is the biggest metropolis city in the world with total population around 36 millions people. it stands in number one rank in 35 total Megacities that have exceed more than 10 millions people in total. ► Click that LIKE button to support our the video and Encourage for More!!! ► Click that LIKE button to support my the videos and Encourage for More!!! ►► Lizz ANGEL --- follow me!!!!! ► Facebook: ► Email: ► Subscribe Youtube: ►► Video Credit: darwinfish105 ►►Music: TheFatRat Twitter: Facebook: Soundcloud: TAG: Discover WorldS3,TOKYO,TOKYO THE MEGACITY,TOKYO CITY,waterfron city,love in tokyo,wonderful city,japan city,tokyo bay,underground city,TOKYO CITY JAPAN,japan city tokyo,TOKYO CITY 2016,TOKYO TIME LAPSE,TOKYO TIMELAPSE,TIMELAPSE,TIME LAPSE 2016,TOKYO CITY TOUR 2016,TOUR IN TOKYO 2016,TOKYO NIGHT LIFE 2016,NIGHT IN TOKYO CITY 2016,TOKYO NIGHT 2016,TOKYO THE MAGA METROPOLIS IN THE WORLD,TOKYO 36 MILLIONS PEOPLE,TOKYO TOURISM,beautiful city ►►►All Credits are appropriately mention on Discription; however, If you need a photo, video or song removed on my channel, please E-mail me. I will Appreciate for your concerned with regards.