Today I bring you a Tokyo Ghoul:re Theory/ Discussion video on the possible ending of the manga and possible future events. So this is a video I wanted to do a for a long time hopefully you all like it. Anyways is it possible Ishida-sensei foreshadowed the ending of part 2 of TG with the first chapter? The chapter title was Bones and since only 206 bones are in the human body it could end either on 103 or 206. Also Kaneki Ken might devour Sasaki Haise. Ready for Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 35 review? Love you all so much thank you for all the support! Become a Chibit Today: Crunchyroll 30-Day Free Trial - For any fellow Chibit that wants to send something: 2069 Johnson Chapel Road, 38583, Sparta, TN Patreon: MAL: Twitter: Facebook: Google+: