Tokyo, the capital of Japan, is one of the most exciting megacities on the planet. The city is a spectacular matrix of villages, towns and cities, strung together by a super-efficient rail system. Tradition, ritual and respect are the hallmarks of Japanese society. This is a place that cherishes its children, reveres its elderly, and treats visitors like honored guests. Begin your Tokyo journey in the ancient town of Asakusa, home to the city’s oldest temple, Sensoji. Then head to the suburb of Harajuku, renowned as a center of youth culture and fashion and home to one of Tokyo’s largest green spaces, Yoyogi Park. Just to the north of Yoyogi Park, is Meiji Shrine, dedicated to the father of modern Japan, Emperor Meji. At Shibuya, cross one of the busiest pedestrian crossings in the world, and at Ginza explore huge department stores and tiny yakitori joints and beer halls around Yurakucho Station. Stroll down Marunouchi’s wide tree-lined avenues, then explore the anime, manga, electronics stores in Akihabara Electric Town. Relax in Shinjuku Gyoen National Gardens, then ride the elevator to the observatories of Tokyo Tower and Mori Tower for views across Tokyo Bay and to Mt Fuji. Tokyo is filled with award-winning restaurants, but for the freshest sushi and sashimi, head to the Tsukiji Fish Markets. The historic port city of Yokohama is only a half hour train ride from central Tokyo. Another great day trip is Narita, a fascinating window into old Japan.