Tokyo City Japan | The Most Wanted Place to Visit in ASIA 2016 Tokyo, Japan, Asia *** TAG: In tokyo city 2016, Tokyo city,at tokyo japan,tokyo wiki,city centre tokyo,hotels in tokyo,tokyo hotel,toyko japan,japan tokyo,токио,tokyo tourist spots,tokio japan,tokyo districts,tokyo world,toyko,tokyo trip,accommodation tokyo city,tokyo attractions,tokyo local tour guide,old tokyo,tokyo to japan,location tokyo,travel tokyo,tokyo center,tokyo info,downtown tokyo,Tokyo city time lapse,Tokyo,time tokyo,time in tokyo,tokyo time ***. Tokyo is a city of Japan which is most population in the world. There a lot of things that you can do in tokyo such as Stay in Luxury Hotel and Accommodation, Variety of Food, Interesting place to visit, and also its modernization of building landscape. Location: Eastern central Honshu, Tokyo Prefecture, Japan Motto: Changes with each governor; currently, "My Town Tokyo." Flag: White symbol on purple field. Flower: Somei-Yoshino (a kind of cherry blossom) Time Zone: 9 pm = noon Greenwich Mean Time (GMT); Daylight Saving Time is not observed. Ethnic Composition: 98% Japanese; 2% Other (including American, Brazilian, British, Chinese, Korean, Peruvian, and Southeast Asian) Latitude and Longitude: 35°40′N, 139°45′E Climate: Temperate; winter is dry and mild, while summer is warm and humid. A rainy season occurs from mid-June to about mid-July, and September through November is the typhoon season. Average Temperatures: Winter 29–52°F (–2 to 11°C); Summer 70–83°F (21–28°C). Seasonal Average Snowfall: Snowfall is very rare—a single snowfall per year with virtually no accumulation. Average Annual Precipitation: 1334mm (1996 est.) Government: Tokyo Metropolis is comprised of 23 wards, 26 cities, seven towns, and eight villages. Incorporated cities all have mayors. Legislative authority in the metropolis belongs to the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly, numbering 127 members elected for terms of four years. The prefectural governor is the principal elected official, presiding over several administrative commissions and their commissioners. Each ward elects a council and a ward head who deal with certain local matters. Weights and Measures: Metric system Monetary Units: The yen of 100 sen is issued in coins of 1,5,10,50,100, and 500 yen, and notes of 500, 1,000, 5,000, and 10,000 yen. Telephone Area Codes: 03–23 special ward area (ku-bu); 0426, 0425, 0422, 0428, 0423, 0424, 0427, 0428 city area (Shi-bu); 04992, 04996, 04998 island area (Tou-bu) More From: ► Click that LIKE button to support my the videos and Encourage for More!!! ►► Lizz ANGEL --- follow me!!!!! ► Facebook: ► Email: ► Subscribe Youtube: ►► Video Credit: darwinfish105 ►►Music: Almost in F - Tranquillity by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Source: Artist: PHOTO THUMBNAIL: