Tokyo Station Shinkansen on New Years Day 2015. A variety of JR East Shinkansen are seen. Series E2/3/4/5/6/7 - all current in service models. 1129 hrs: Arrival of Asama #518 from Nagano, E7 series 1132 hrs: Departure of Max Toki #363 to Niigata 1134 hrs: Arrival of Tsubasa #76 from Yamagata with with E3-2000 series set L67 1138 hrs: Arrival of Max Toki #318 with E4 series doulbe deck Shinkansen 1140 hrs: Tsubasa #81 to Yamagata awaits departarture with E3 set L67 as an E2 series departs on the next track 1141 hrs: Arrival of Hayabusa & Komachi #62 from Shin-Aomori & Akita 1148 hrs: Departure of Tsubasa #81 to Yamagata with E3 set L67