HOW to make Tokyo Drift LANCER EVOLUTION VIII. Need for Speed: Underground 2. The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift. Lancer Evolution VIII. Lancer Vinyls. HD. ________________________ DOWNLOADS - Sean's EVO Vinyl - INSTALLING 1. Download the Vinyl (link above - it's a .RAR) 2. Extract the file and open the folder. 3. COPY the file "VINYLS.BIN". 4. Now go to NFSU2 installation folder (usually C:\Program Files\EAGAMES\NFSU2). 5. Enter "CARS" folder, then "LANCEREVO8" folder. 6. Inside "LANCEREVO8" folder you'll find a file named "VINYLS". 7. Just for safe, let's rename this file "VINYLS" FOR "VINYLS_OLD". 8. Paste the file you just copied. 9. Watch the video to make Sean's EVO! 10. Have fun! PROBLEMS? - Write in comments! ________________________ Thank you for watching! Stay safe! by Grégory Perozzo.