HOW BIG IS TOKYO ? Bigger than you think. Tokyo is the World`s Largest City and Urban Agglomeration. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Talking about it`s "AREA" :- ===================== Tokyo Urban Agglomeration has an area of 13,572 square kilometers. Tokyo is considered as "World`s Largest City" for its area. Its area can not only be compared with cities but can also be compared with countries. So see, "HOW BIG IS TOKYO?"!!! The size or the urban area can be compared with countries like Brunei, Cyprus and Qatar. Tokyo is way larger than these countries. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Coming to its "POPULATION AND EXPATS POPULATION":- ============================================== Again, "HOW BIG IS TOKYO - IN TERMS OF POPULATION ?". Tokyo City and Urban Agglomeration has a very huge population of 37 million and also referred as the World`s Largest City in population cap. Which is larger than Canada, Saudi Arabia and Australia and equal to the population of Iraq. Also the Foreign Expatriate Population is 600,000 in Tokyo. Here, there are some better cities having a very good number foreign expatriates. Though Tokyo`s Expatriate Population is larger than Houston and Paris, It is smaller than London and New York. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ What about its "ECONOMY" ? :- ========================= Now, "HOW BIG IS TOKYO - IN TERMS OF ECONOMY ?" Again Tokyo is the World`s Largest City Economy. Even its huge economy can answer the question "HOW BIG IS TOKYO ?". Tokyo is the world`s largest city economy. It produces a GDP of roughly $1.52 trillion i.e $ 1,520,000,000,000. See how many zeros are there in its GDP count!!! . This number is too large for a city. In fact, its GDP is higher than Entire Canada`s $ 1.4 trillion !! and Entire Spain`s $ 1.24 trillion !!! . _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ How rich is the PEOPLE`S QUALITY OF LIVING? :- ======================================= The city of Tokyo not only has a huge economy but the people`s quality of living is also very high. Tokyo`s percapita income is roughly $ 41,000. Although cities have greater per capita income when compared with the entire parent country. The per capita income of Tokyo is higher than Dubai and Moscow but smaller than San Jose , Which has the highest per capita income in the U.S and Zurich , a city in Switzerland which has the world`s highest per capita income. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ THE CONCLUSION:- ================ These facts compels us to say that the city of Tokyo is a great man made wonder. Tokyo is also famous for its highly classy architecture and of course for its culture too. These extreme development took place in the recent past is because of people`s unity, better educational standards and dedication. So the countries which are thriving to develop can use "Japanese formulae" for its development. At last, these quick facts about Tokyo answers the question "How big is Tokyo?" _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Thanks for Watching!!! And these facts will be explained in the upcoming videos.... Very special thanks to:- Fromtokio youtube channel:- like us on facebook:- +1 us on google plus:-