The kids loving going to this family kaiten sushi restaurant where you can order using an iPad and win gacha gacha prizes. I know people will ask, so the place we went to is called Kura Sushi ( It's a chain restaurant that has many locations (we went to a Tokyo location), and if you go their site, you can see all the different locations and menu items. The cost of the 36 dishes was ¥4708 JPY, since many are asking. _*SUBTITLES*_ If you'd like to help, it'd be much appreciated! Italian: Nadia Mushi-shi French: Pari Op - France English: Rashid Ja'afar Arabic: JustRandom Chinese: Chris ZHANG and Jessica Chen Spanish: whimsyfreckles - Cuba and jessika koss - USA and MrHaveaniceday - Texas Dutch: DavidR - Netherlands Cameraman's X Channel: (LifeWhereImFromX) Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Music: "Dusty Tears" by Silent Partner, "Good Starts" by Jingle Punks, "Soho" by Riot, and "Sunshine in my Heart" by Jingle Punks