Create a custom event as follows: Race Type: Drift Vehicle Tier: Tier Two Rounds: 1 Round AI Drivers: Very Easy Flashbacks (Advanced Options): Unlimited Track Selection: Okutama - Tenshi Way - Day Vehicle: Nissan Nismo R34T-R Z-Tune There are multiple factors that come into play when scoring in drift mode. You'll want a high speed and angle to rack up the most points. More importantly you want to make sure that multiplier is a big as possible. Drifting near a pylon will give you 2x, drifting very close to a pylon will give you 3x, and drifting close to 2 pylons in one continuous drift will give you 4x. Now that you understand how the scoring works, it's time to get a score of over 350,000. Start out by gaining speed, and pulling a short drift near the beginning of the track for a couple thousand points. Next, try to get close to the first 3 pylons using 2-3 different drifts at a high speed. After the first hairpin, you'll want around 100,000 points. Continue down the track until the next hairpin where you'll want to pull a long and fast drift near the pylons again. Coming out of the 2nd hairpin, you'll probably want at least 175,000 points. Go straight to the 3rd hairpin as there is no need for some amounts of points in between, and pull another big drift in the hairpin, hopefully exiting with at least 275,000 points. The last part is definitely the hardest, but also the most important. You really need to be fast and time everything perfectly, but remember, you will have lots of flashbacks available. There are a total of 4 pylons in the last few turns, and you'll want to score on all of them if possible. For the first one, maintain good speed and don't cut too close as you're more likely to crash. After scoring, cut back the other way and try to follow the last hairpin as best as you can all the way through. Hopefully, by the time you finish the track, you'll have 350,000 points, but if not, restart before the finish line. Keep restarting until you get the achievement.