woah my first video on this channel is a mep this is sad so i haven't posted any meps on my previous channel in a really long time so i wanted to give it a try on here, so hopefully this goes as planned :') RULES: - ONLY IDOL GAMES AND ANIME - since i know a heck ton of people will use love live, fandoms can't repeat more than 3 times - i'd like for this mep to mainly be fx/effects, but in the edm parts you can slip some raw footage into there - maximum parts per person is 2 - make sure to give your parts a "party" type of look with bright colors - don't add any extra seconds after your part - put effort into your part - use the lyrics! - don't get salty if you don't get a part - if you need to drop out you must tell me at least 1 week before the deadline - geT YOuR GOdDAmN PaRTS DOnE oN TImE PLeASE - if you've read this all the password is "stuck in idol hell" - have fun! ;0 Full MEP: TBA Audio: https://www.sendspace.com/filegroup/2Kaw2%2BbXlK1%2Bd%2FhGJNLrysppSYxD1ppelM%2FM3xUzgbePbtTn590nCp4tgXNdiPxrLuMVynQ%2FvbUfqhQegP1LPA (if there are any problems with the audio please let me know asap) Deadline: TBA FORM: Username: Part(s): Fandom: (Optional) Character: Backup?: Password: Parts: Intro: Hiatus - IdolM@ster Cinderella Girls Part 1: xKanako Uchihax - Love Live Part 2: Part 3: HollyMolly666 - Love Live! Sunshine!! Part 4: Kousaka - ? Part 5: Part 6: Part 7: Part 8: Outro: Aquarii - Tokyo 7th Sisters Backup: Aquarii nekolia xKanako Uchihax Kousaka