Director 松本 剛/GO MATSUMOTO(GROUNDRIDDIM) アニメーション監督 山崎 雄太/YUTA YAMAZAKI キャラクターデザイン・作画監督 小林 恵祐/KEISUKE KOBAYASHI 原画 榎戸 駿/HAYAO ENOKIDO 中山 竜/RYU NAKAYAMA 山崎 雄太/YUTA YAMAZAKI 小林 恵祐/KEISUKE KOBAYASHI 動画 田渕 里美/SATOMI TABUCHI   ROCKET VISION INC. 動画検査 田渕 里美/SATOMI TABUCHI 仕上 ROCKET VISION INC. 村口 冬仁/FUYUTO MURAGUCHI 佐藤 丈志/TAKESHI SATO 小田桐 しず/SHIZU ODAGIRI 福永 淑子/YOSHIKO FUKUNAGA 松田 文子/FUMIKO MATSUDA 仕上検査 村口 冬仁/FUYUTO MURAGUCHI 制作管理 吉崎 譲/JOE YOSHIZAKI プロデューサー 田浦 大樹/TAIKI TAURA エグゼクティブ・プロデューサー 竹内宏彰/HIROAKI TAKEUCHI スーパーバイザー 山本 寛/YUTAKA YAMAMOTO アニメーション制作 株式会社Ordet/Ordet Co.,Ltd. Motion Graphics by C ( Produced by GROUNDRIDDIM ( 2014年6月18日(水)2ndアルバム『幕の内ISM』発売 発売日:2014年6月18日(水) 初回限定盤 WPZL-30860/1 定価\2,778(本体)+税 [初回限定盤特典] *初のオフィシャルライブ映像DVD付「パスピエ TOUR 2013 "印象・日の出" 外伝 at AKASAKA BLITZ」 *特殊パッケージ仕様 通常盤 WPCL-11854 定価\2,300(本体)+税 LIVE DVD *初回限定盤特典 パスピエ TOUR 2013 "印象・日の出" 外伝 at AKASAKA BLITZより厳選されたライブ映像数曲を収録予定 幕の内盤[DISC1] 01. YES/NO 02. トーキョーシティ・アンダーグラウンド 03. 七色の少年 04. あの青と青と青 05. ノルマンディー 06. 世紀末ガール 07. とおりゃんせ 08. MATATABISTEP 09. アジアン 10. 誰? 11. わすれもの 12. 瞑想 幕の外盤[DISC2] *初回限定盤特典 DVD パスピエ TOUR 2013 "印象・日の出外伝" at AKASAKA BLITZ (2013.12.21) 1. OPENING ~ S.S 2. デモクラシークレット 3. トロイメライ 4. 名前のない鳥 5. とおりゃんせ 6. フィーバー "Tokyo City Underground" performed by Passepied 2nd ALBUM "MAKUNOUCHI ISM" 18th JUN. in Stores. Passepied vocal, illustration : Natsuki Ogoda keyboard, compose, arrange, produce : Haneda Narita guitar : Masahiro Misawa bass : Yoshikuni Tsuyuzaki drums :Takuya Yao Japanese Pop/Rock group, Passepied was formed in 2009, by a Tokyo University of Art graduate and keyboardist, Narita Haneda. Since then, Passepied are causing sensation in the Japanese music scene with their distinguished music theory and virtuoso technique. From their unique pop sense absorbing the music from the 70's to the 00's with a hint of Japanesque appearing and disappearing between notes, to the illustration/artwork and music clip animation created by the band's own vocalist, Natsuki Ogoda, their style is in a form of one fine composite art. Passepied 's debut album "Watashi Kaika Shitawa" was released in Nov, 2011 followed by their sophomore album "ONOMIMONO" released in June 2012. Both albums became strong long selling albums in the Japanese market. In 2013, they were named by iTunes Japan as one of their "Breakthrough artists of 2013". On March 20, they have released their first ever single "fever" and on June 12, their major debut full album "Ensyutsuka syutsuen" Passepied had run highly acclaimed self-curated events "Impression-A" and "Impresssion-B (w/ the band apart)" in Tokyo and Osaka with shows sold out. Their first ever solo headlining tour titled, "Inshow: Hinode" (impression / rising of the sun) started off from late Oct to the final show in Akasaka Blitz on Dec 21, 2013, with a series of extra dates titled "Inshow : Hinode Gaiden" (impression/rising of the sun Spinoff) . The tour ended very successfully, with all dates sold out. On March 26th the band released their first ever both A-side singles "MATATABISTEP/ ANO AO TO AO TO AO". In April, they hosted a self-produced event part 3 "Impression-C" invited over 9mm Parabellum Bullet, Clammbon, and HiGE and tickets were sold out instantly. Passpied will be releasing 2nd full album "MAKUNOUCHI-ISM" on June 18th.